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Random Time! - Sony laughs at PS3 meme on Miiverse

Yes, you're really looking at Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, laughing at a PS3 meme on Miiverse. Even all these years later, Sony can still see the fun in their PS3 pricing folly.


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User avatar
19 Dec 2012 15:12

Yosp is a cool guy, also (a bit off topic) but i hate it when people say "Nintendo said" or "Sony said" when it's just one person saying it.
User avatar
19 Dec 2012 15:34

Same here. It's like in old European times, the kings would refer to themselves as "we", because they were the state/country.

Yosp is not Sony, he's just a guy. His statements are not official Sony statements, at least not formally.
User avatar
19 Dec 2012 15:38

I don't really like all comments that are left on his post. I mean, what he said was pretty light hearted but some people have taken it to a fanboy vs troll level which is absolutely ridiculous.
User avatar
19 Dec 2012 15:41

That's because that "one" person steps out and speaks on behalf of an entire company. As a representative of that calibur; ALL ducks should be in a row. I wanna see exactly how much cheaper the "Orbis" or whatever will be IF the whole virtual IMAX helmet rumor is true. The 4,000p tv's (which are supposedly going to be the "new" thing) cost $25,000 and even in 2014 when the system launches those things will STILL be beyond most gamers budget. When ps3 launched with all that HD jazz noone really even had a flatscreen. And you had to buy the HDMI separate. (which were also pricey back then) Who knows, maybe that's why he thought it was funny. After all when it comes to Sony "We don't want to be the cheapest; we want to be the best." Shuhei's probably thinking "You ain't seen nothing yet!"
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19 Dec 2012 15:48

User avatar
19 Dec 2012 16:13

His post is getting too many yeahs and people should really unyeah it.
User avatar
19 Dec 2012 16:24

Frankly when I see someone going "lol" I picture them with quite a solid face thinking "this isn't funny at all"
User avatar
19 Dec 2012 19:43

funny but why didn't i see this in my miiverse feed? I'm following him.
No Avatar
19 Dec 2012 21:10

The 3DS needs more giant enemy crabs.
User avatar
19 Dec 2012 21:12

Oh c'mon guys, it's harmless. Just enjoy the moment of laughs. ^^;
User avatar
19 Dec 2012 22:28

I'm glad the guy knows how to take a joke.

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