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19 Dec 2012 15:13

I wonder if they will release DLC for NSMBU any time soon. I'd love more challenges, and i hope they are implemented into the main games as well. I traded in NSMB2 so I didn't get the chance to buy any of the DLC packs, they do look pretty cool though.
edit: the impossible levels look impossible. How would have thought?
User avatar
19 Dec 2012 15:20

I hope by "Final" they just mean for right now!

It'd be really nice if they took a break, took all the feedback they received and implemented it in some even cooler levels.

Though I'm really digging the look of the Mystery levels, one of my favorite parts of the free DLC pack was all of the branching paths.

I wonder if the team that worked on NSMB2 DLC is moving on to NSMBU DLC? I understand that different teams worked on both games, but it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't assign their A-teams to the DLC.
User avatar
19 Dec 2012 15:20

Focus on future projects, my guess
User avatar
19 Dec 2012 15:24

Impossible Pack...no powerups

Welp, I'm boned.
User avatar
19 Dec 2012 15:25

kinda sad that this is the last for the foreseeable future, but they both look AMAZING. I'm also glad they're highlighting coin rush mode with the DLC. It's the game's strongest suit
User avatar
19 Dec 2012 15:29

I want that impossible pack!!
User avatar
19 Dec 2012 16:53

I like the idea of that mystery pack. Uncovering secrets and stuff.
User avatar
19 Dec 2012 16:57

@GeneticRepoMan Yep. They'll focus on the better game now.

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