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UK retailer starts selling Wii U GamePad seperately

UPDATE - The store has since removed the listing and claims it was posted in error.

I wonder if anyone is going to try and actually purchase one of these. It's not like there's any reason to use two GamePads right now.


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No Avatar
19 Dec 2012 16:35

In case they break one
User avatar
19 Dec 2012 16:35

"Compatible with the Nintendo 3DS as a controller"

Oh really.
User avatar
19 Dec 2012 16:45

Cant wait to see hundreeds of rabid casuals complaining about that they cannot use it with their Wii :lol:
No Avatar
19 Dec 2012 16:54

"Stylus support"... how nice?

And where's this chess and backgammon they talk about? Can't say I've seen those in the eShop...
User avatar
19 Dec 2012 17:12

Not gonna lie. I will be one of the first ones to purchase a second Gamepad, even without any support for 2 player games from Nintendo. I like to keep multiple controllers in even rotation. I hate the thought of one controller wearing out and showing age significantly more than another. I also hate the idea of having only a single controller to game on, which is the case for Wii U right now. Call me weird, but worn out controllers urk me to no end (i.e. the N64 analog stick).
No Avatar
19 Dec 2012 18:40

im betting it has a PAL screen on the controller, so it wont work in the US
User avatar
20 Dec 2012 08:31

Really? Do you think iPhone's in the US have NTSC screens and iPhones in the UK have PAL screens?
PAL/NTSC are analog encoding terms and have no meaning in HDTV's or a digital display like the Wii U controller.

PAL/NTSC are terms that are simply still being used incorrectly in the gaming industry to describe something relating to region locking. Any TV made in the last 10+ years at least can display both PAL and NTSC anyways.
User avatar
20 Dec 2012 13:06

GolfDude - Are u that stupid?

I wanna buy a white one and sell my black one!

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