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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Arzuros screens, profile

Arzuros (Fanged Beast-type)

Arzuros is a big blue bear that likes honey… sounds like a cartoon character so far, but don’t be fooled; this Fanged Beast (new monster class, btw) is certainly not here to hug you. In fact, it might try to grab you and shake you up a bit – this actually happens – looking to steal honey or cause some pain!

Despite looking big and heavy, Arzuros can close up distances pretty well with its run; and if you don’t watch out it’ll slap you around with its sharp-clawed, spiky arms in multiple swipe attacks. It’s best to dodge and stay away…

But don’t get too scared already. You’ll get to fight the Arzuros early enough in the game that you should be able to keep up. If it gives you a hard time, though, don’t get discouraged; it’s part of becoming a great hunter.

More screens here

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7 total comments (View all)
User avatar
20 Dec 2012 08:29

Make it be March. It's time to hunt!
User avatar
20 Dec 2012 10:23



Also, interesting name for the new class. Fanged Beast, huh? Like his english name well enough.
No Avatar
20 Dec 2012 10:56

I personally am going to be sad when this comes out. Some of us can't afford a Wii U, and are still quite enjoying MH3 on Wii online. When this comes out, I"m betting the servers for Tri will shut down not too long after...and that will be a sad, sad day for those of us with just a Wii and not a Wii U. I would wish they'd keep both servers up, since Tri for Wii should be able to run on Wii U, but I'm not sure if Wii games can be played online on the Wii U?
No Avatar
20 Dec 2012 12:20

Can't wait!
No Avatar
20 Dec 2012 13:42

Im sooooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to this.. MH is one my fav game series ever. I just wish it had the same popularity in the west as in Japan.
No Avatar
20 Dec 2012 18:59

@ J0RdAnN:

So, if Wii games CAN be played fine online...I would think they would rather have at least a few servers up for Wii Tri...and the rest for Wii U Ultimate...that way they could continue to sell both of them!

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