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Nintendo of Europe working on Wii U eShop locked Mature content fix

In Europe, you're only able to purchase mature Wii U eShop content during certain late-night hours. Not exactly the most user-friendly way to get things done. This is all because of German law, and Nintendo of Europe's headquarters happens to be in Germany.

Good news is, Nintendo is working on a fix. According to the latest ONM podcast, Nintendo is working to fix this issue, but no specific details were given. Let's hope this is cleared up early in 2013. Thanks to Axis1500 or the heads up!


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User avatar
20 Dec 2012 17:54

Great to hear! Hoping it will be fixed soon.
Though where in the podcast do they say this? I couldn't find it, but was just jumping back and forth there, not listening to the whole thing.
User avatar
20 Dec 2012 18:37

Nice :) But I'm living in Germany, so I don't think they can do anything for me.
No Avatar
20 Dec 2012 20:23


But I have to say again:
It is NOT a law in germany, but being discussed.
User avatar
20 Dec 2012 21:02

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh f Germany! Xo
No Avatar
21 Dec 2012 00:05

Ludi wrote:Nice :) But I'm living in Germany, so I don't think they can do anything for me.

They can: e.g. Like Lovefilm enable the Post-Ident system (I was at my post office today to unlock my Lovefilm account for 18+ movies)

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