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Color Commando is a new and very cool puzzle platform game for Nintendo DSi-Ware by Hugo Smits (creator of Flipper and Ace Mathician for DSi-Ware).

In this game you get to hunt for treasure! However, many evil color monsters are blocking your path! Pick up color blobs and try to outsmart the monsters!


In each level, color monsters will block your path and try to grab you! So what can you do against this?

Collect paint blobs that are spread out over the level. You can use a paint blob to paint a big paint-spot on the world. If an monster of the same color comes into contact with the paint-spot, the monster will dissolve into the spot. When this happens the monster cannot harm the player!

Check out more screens and info here

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No Avatar
23 Dec 2012 18:04

this looks interesting! Kind of reminds me of Mutant Mudds and I am sucker for 2D games. I am going to keep an eye on this game because it certainly looks like it's worth the purchased. I am still amazed that there are more DSiware games being made, kind of makes me wish this was a 3DS download game since I bet the game would be bigger with more levels or content, etc.
User avatar
24 Dec 2012 00:29

I feel sorry for the close-minded people who won't be playing this just because it's DSiWare.

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