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How good/bad was Assassin's Creed III?

There's one thing we know for sure about Assassin's Creed III. The Wii U version pretty much stands toe-to-toe with the other versions. The thing is, reviewers and gamers alike can't seem to decide whether the game itself is great, good, or lackluster. Our friends at Kotaku try to figure that out in the article below.

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24 Dec 2012 20:46

I admit it started out kind of slow, once you take control of Connor though, at least for me, the game takes off and gets hard to put down. Visually its beautiful, soundtrack is fitting, gameplay and story are engaging. It may not be for everybody, no game is, but its a damn fine game and a great addition to the Wii U library
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24 Dec 2012 20:47

I don't really find Kotaku's articles/opinions to be agreeable, factually correct, or otherwise worth my while, so I haven't read it, but personally I think AC3 is the best one yet. Loved AC1 (it's the only game I have full achievements for on my 360). AC2 improved on a lot of things (but I admittedly didn't care as much for the setting/story). Brotherhood introduced multiplayer, and AC multiplayer is awesome and about the only online multiplayer I find enjoyable with randoms, so that was great (despite the connection issues they had with it). Revelations was kind of more of the same (not a complaint), although the 3D support was neat to play with.

But AC3 has a really fun setting/story, and tons of variety, and is just great IMO. The multiplayer feels nice and refined, too. Well on my way to 100%ing the thing, and just really enjoying it.
User avatar
24 Dec 2012 21:40

The game has its ups and downs like its predecessors, but I love it.

My mai problem is that i just dont like Connor much.
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24 Dec 2012 21:56

I made an forum post about AC3 (here*) that ended up turning into a one-sided rant.

Generally I went in biased. Brotherhood to this day is the one that I have the most fond memories of (I'm playing it right now after AC3 and am loving it once again). I didn't know what to expect with AC3. I expected to love it but I was mostly confused by it. Design choices I mean. It has some wonderful moments that are marred by a multitude of nipping issues that really detract from the experience. The story is fantastic, the characters are wonderful (Connor is a more believeable and grounded protagonist than Ezio was and I was totally behind him all the way) and the animation/graphics are beautiful. But the gameplay just doesn't sit right with me enough to completely enjoy it. The freerunning is arguably the best it has ever been but that's about it. I can fight and fight well but it feels more clunky than before and enemies are more annoying than is necessary because of it. I spent the game avoiding fights compared to picking them in the past games.
And all that's without mentioning the glitches. It's just jarring. There was absolutely no glitches I encountered in the past games so it's definitely going to stand out this time. I read something on TV Tropes that seems to help explain it. The 21 December deadline Ubisoft set themselves, in a rush to get it out they missed some things. (Don't get me wrong it's no Sonic 06, this one is playable but nevertheless it makes sense. Not excusable but makes sense.)

Overall, a pretty flawed but still worthy game if for the experience. (The music's gorgeous...)

*Not one to self-promote but here, if you're interested at all. You can debunk, refute or agree with me if you like: http://www.gonintendo.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=102117
User avatar
24 Dec 2012 22:00

This is something I'm wondering about. I'm debating whether or not to get this game but I keep hearing divisive opinions.
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24 Dec 2012 22:00

Assassin's Creed is the second most overrated series this gen (with Call of Duty obviously being first). The games are average at their best and terrible at their worst. ACIII was no different.
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24 Dec 2012 22:23

Kenichi340 wrote:This is something I'm wondering about. I'm debating whether or not to get this game but I keep hearing divisive opinions.

I would suggest watching a playthrough if you're not sure but games like this you need to feel and experience for yourself. Edit: (maybe you could rent it)
I just finished reading Kotaku's debate article (the one this story's about) and it was very good and accurate in my opinion. It's not the best AC game there is (not even better than Revelations in my opinion) but it WAS trying new things so it's still to find it's feet.
User avatar
24 Dec 2012 23:30

I thought it was good. Not great. Nowhere near the best Assassin's Creed game, but still lots of fun. The best stuff was the side stuff.

It had a problem with polish. Really glitchy, the Desmond stuff was awful (and I love Desmond), and the main story missions would get really frustrating sometimes.

Also the Wii U version seems to be the best version because of how the inventory/equipment stuff works now. Sucks big time on the 360/PS3.
User avatar
25 Dec 2012 08:43

Seroth wrote:
Also the Wii U version seems to be the best version because of how the inventory/equipment stuff works now. Sucks big time on the 360/PS3.

Absolutely, for all my gripes it was still handy as hell having a big map in my hands (and a horse whistle at my touch).
My only grievance was that it wasn't taken any further. My TV is crap. It gets the picture clear enough but text is nigh unreadable. It would've been lovely to have the subtitles stream along the bottom of the pad screen. (It coulda been toggled for those that didn't want it.)
No Avatar
25 Dec 2012 22:48

Not a bad game by any means and I surprisingly ran into nearly 0 glitches. The main downside for me was that it took a pretty good amount of time to get into anything that was really interesting in the story.

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