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25 Dec 2012 17:02

Dat Dire Dire Docks remix. I lub it.

Edit: I really don't care for the rest.
User avatar
25 Dec 2012 19:12

Yeah dire dire is the only one I cared for. Beast mode is interesting tho. The beats are all great, but the lyrics are all stupid gangsta rap.
User avatar
25 Dec 2012 19:33

it was all good until they started rapping. i was like wtf?
User avatar
25 Dec 2012 20:30

I regret upvoting this. Dire Dire Docks is the only good one.
User avatar
26 Dec 2012 03:47

Ghetto. Ghetto errywhere.
User avatar
26 Dec 2012 08:37

should probably be labelled NSFW/parental advisory. as a rule, i don't like lyrics, singing, and especially not rapping over game music.

but i'd be for an instrumental of this.


User avatar
26 Dec 2012 17:48

I wish I understood why everyone on GoNin has this prejudice against hip-hop/rap. It's ridiculous.
User avatar
27 Dec 2012 00:44

I LOVED the entire mix! Seriously, this is some really great stuff, especially mixing Rainbow Road with Blue Oyster Cult! Ha! Brilliant.
User avatar
27 Dec 2012 02:24


not sure if you were including my remark as part of your pondering, but you can exclude me.

besides, prejudice is a pretty strong word. simply not liking a musical genre is an opinion almost assuredly based on one's personal experience with it; totally different from the dictionary definition of 'prejudice'.

while i do own and enjoy almost all genres of music, i just personally don't like words of any kind--rock, pop, ballad, rap, etc--laid over classic game tunes. maybe it's partially because i don't like amateur musical production or voices, or maybe i don't find the words intriguing; could be any number of things or combination therein.

however, i do often like the instrumentals behind the hip-hop game tracks. something about the musical phrasing of the underlying tracks just works well with game music, and they often do some creative things with mixing those old sounds with new sounds.

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