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Chris 'duct tape' Hecker gets Wii U dev kit, testing Spy Party

“They sent me a devkit, actually, and it’s sitting right here, so we’ll find out if SpyParty works on it fairly soon. The design challenge is going to be, ‘how much does it matter that the Spy can see the Sniper’s screen?’ Obviously the Spy needs to be on the controller, but that means the Sniper’s view is on the TV, and I’m not sure how much that matters yet. I think the Spy will be pretty busy looking at the controller screen, but even a glance up at the TV will affect the game, so it’s going to take some design work and play-testing to figure out.” - Chris Hecker

Wow, I guess Nintendo wanted Hecker to put his money where his mouth is. Should be no reason he can't get Spy Party running on the system. Let's see if he makes it happen!


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User avatar
26 Dec 2012 01:04

You're really not gonna let that one go, are ya, RMC? :lol:
User avatar
26 Dec 2012 01:40

it's just four wii's duct taped togther....
User avatar
26 Dec 2012 03:37

Let it go, RMC. When Hecker described the Wii as being two duct-taped Gamecubes, he was being generous.
User avatar
26 Dec 2012 03:56

This is the guy who made the "2 duct taped Gamecubes" comment?

I'm surprised that a game he's making would be able to run on the Wii U, given his high standards for graphical capability.

We're lucky to get a real technical showcase so soon on the Wii U that will be able to squeeze every last ounce of power out of the console.

Let's see what he got...



Someone replaced his game with a Sims 2 expansion pack!
User avatar
26 Dec 2012 05:33

The above poster wins.

User avatar
26 Dec 2012 09:23

lockNES wins indeed. :lol:

Not a fan of the guy if only for his infamous comment, but if his game is any good of course I'll give it a try. Indeed, put your money where your mouth is Mr. Hecker.
User avatar
26 Dec 2012 10:04

Perfect fit for the system

I've been waiting a long time for Spy Party, and I'll be glad to get it on the Wii U!
No Avatar
26 Dec 2012 10:10

I think deep down he's just another angry fanboy. Or should I say "two angry fanboys duct-taped together", haha. XD
No Avatar
26 Dec 2012 12:48

That game looks like it can run on the ds. And he is the one who made that comment? I remember him on bonus round talking about that game.
User avatar
26 Dec 2012 13:37

Dude... Its been years, right? Let the duct tape thing go.
User avatar
26 Dec 2012 13:38

I agree with @Hawk. In retrospect, he was being generous with that comment. In reality, the Wii was maybe 1.5 Gamecubes duct taped together. Still love it and a bunch of the games it had, but it's true.
No Avatar
26 Dec 2012 22:09

oh wow , totally forgot what i was to going to write , that picture says a lot . Still i think the guy if he doesn't act all douchey deserve to be forgotten . Of course nowadays acting like a prick and wishing doom on any nintendo related story is the way to go .
User avatar
27 Dec 2012 15:53

This is the man who said the Wii is a technological piece of shovel.

To which I respond...

...yup no disagreements there

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