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REPORT - Nintendo granted patent for multi-display Panorama View feature on Wii U

Nintendo lays claim to one of the more advanced implementations of dual-display gaming; its Panorama View Feature lets you move around the Wii U controller to see a different perspective than what's shown on the external TV screen. The company was just granted a patent for this very technology, and the document goes into great detail about the gyrosensors used to determine the controller's change in position.

Full report here

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User avatar
26 Dec 2012 15:43

Excellent. In your face, others. :P
No Avatar
26 Dec 2012 15:54

I thought it was already supposed to do this. Didn't we see this on demos?
No Avatar
26 Dec 2012 17:09

wrciii wrote:I thought it was already supposed to do this. Didn't we see this on demos?

Yes it already does that, but with the patent nobody else can use the idea now, they will have to find a way around it to use something like that.
No Avatar
26 Dec 2012 17:27

This will be awesome for first person shooters.
User avatar
26 Dec 2012 17:53

I would love it if they occasionally sent out free Panorama View videos (for the people who will buy the eventual software release) in which they could give us 360-degree tours of the new Nintendo Kyoto facility, tours of the Nintendo booths at different conventions, etc.
User avatar
26 Dec 2012 18:18

Doesn't Sony and Apple already have a similar patent?
No Avatar
26 Dec 2012 21:47

but nintendo isn't apple or microsoft (android users pay 15$ to them) , they can't extort money from others with that , in fact despite having bought the gyration patents and company they didn't even try to defend their patent on basically aiming with a gyro , mouse gyro . By for instance going after the sony move or other gyro remote . The big difference with "slide to unlock" is that it was an actual discovery made by gyration .
User avatar
27 Dec 2012 00:35

I hope Nintendo does something with Panorama view like add an Augmented reality layer on top of actual footage (which despite not being done with live video, it would end up less wonky than how most AR is implemented now). Either that or make some sort of spaceship/airplane gunner controlling a turret while another player flies it using the main screen.
User avatar
27 Dec 2012 11:49

Apple will be suing them for it [for some reason] right about now...

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