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More footage of the N64 kid surfaces, shows his love for GoldenEye

Brandon Kuzma is the N64 kid, who we're all very familiar with. Mr. Kuzma is all grown up now, but he's still looking back on that grand day when he unboxed his N64.

"It was a Nintendo! Video games equaled melted brains back then to most parents, and I had just gotten use to the idea that we'd probably never have one in our house.So after the first rip of ironically golden wrapping paper, when we saw the beginning of the 'Nin...,' it caught me so off guard. I went through stages...like the initial shock, happiness, disbelief it was even real. By the time I started smacking the box, I didn't even know what to do anymore. I was just super psyched."

Full interview here

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27 Dec 2012 17:35

Oh my God! I can't believe this kid wasn't scarred for life from all the killing people in Goldeneye! At least Natalia doesn't get her baps out!
User avatar
28 Dec 2012 13:45

His sister is sure hawt.... by the way I was like that when I recieved my own n64.

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