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Swords and Soldiers 3D heading to 3DS eShop

- adaptation of the WiiWare game
- handled by Circle Entertainment

“We reached out to Ronimo a few months ago. They’re very nice and they’re happy to do a 3DS version of Swords & Soldiers. Circle always wants to take on new projects in different genres, so Swords & Soldiers 3D can be a first step [to making more 3DS titles]

We’re still discussing with Ronimo the possibility of offering free DLC and a demo [for Swords & Soldiers 3D] to players. I believe people will be able to see this title in a few months—perhaps next Spring.” - Circle Entertainment CEO, Chris Chau

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User avatar
28 Dec 2012 17:44

Ever since I Downloaded this to my Wii, I've wanted a sequel. It never came...

I really hope this might make a sequel possible. It has so much potential~
User avatar
28 Dec 2012 17:51

Yeah this game was great, hope a sequel does come.
User avatar
28 Dec 2012 17:55

A gorgeous HD sequel for the Wii-U eShop would be epic~<3
User avatar
28 Dec 2012 18:15

I have the HD version.
No Avatar
28 Dec 2012 22:50

Get them to do Awesomenauts. I would buy that a 3rd time.

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