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User avatar
30 Dec 2012 18:43

I like how she's based on her mass effect 3 appearance; rather than her first one.

..... Mass effect 3 sucks.
User avatar
30 Dec 2012 18:50

I reckon this is either a mistake or remains of a planned ghost/guilt dream encounter where you would also see Kaiden had you let him die, but Bioware chose to not bother.

You really have the biggest case of burt hurt I've ever seen. You might want to get that checked.
User avatar
30 Dec 2012 19:01


Thanks for being the billionth fanboy to say that.
User avatar
30 Dec 2012 19:03

You're most welcome. Thanks for being a broken record.
User avatar
30 Dec 2012 19:07


Does it take a fanboy? Every last post I've seen you make has been complaining. Even when its for series or games I'm not interested in playing, as here, it's a little grating and kind of hard to take you seriously.
User avatar
30 Dec 2012 19:14


I played a lot of the horrid games. The ones I haven't usually comes from companies that have a bad track record.... It also looks like crap too.


User avatar
31 Dec 2012 00:06

You know, If this isnt just a mistake, ill be quite annoyed. Kaiden was boring, but at least he isnt a violent racist who literally makes up excuses to kill my bros, Why should my shep feel guilty over her? between this and the investigation of the normandy, its like the game is trying to make me go "She was the one I couldnt save ;_;" when in reality im wondering why I should care.

Killing Saren was guiltier than ash, because at least he was being mind controlled, and had no idea what were and were not his own thoughts or actions.
User avatar
31 Dec 2012 00:24

I hated Ashley, in mass effect 3 I wanted to throw her ass off the Normandy for the crap she pulled in 2!
User avatar
31 Dec 2012 11:14

But to be fair to TheLastBlade, if she dies in the first game, her ghost should look as she did at that time, not how she would have looked had she lived...
No Avatar
31 Dec 2012 13:19

I just started Mass Effect 3 and am enjoying it so far, but EA getting it's grubby hands on the game really shows. It feels watered down, and a little rushed. It's a shame, I wish Bioware had found a better publisher.

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