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31 Dec 2012 15:07

In before TheLastBlade says Mass Effect Sucks
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31 Dec 2012 16:42

The actors clearly are reading their lines from cue cards held off to the side. Awkward pauses before their lines. The only time the female looks at Shepard is to deliver the short phrase "Of course".

This isn't a glitch, it's an outtake.
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31 Dec 2012 21:40

I really liked playing Mass Effect on the Wii U. I am sad that i have finished it. Will probably pick up the previous two on the PC. Don't know why I never played them. And the game looks fantastic most of the time. A must buy if you have a Wii U and haven't yet played the franchise. I am playing Batman now and it feels really sloppy and crude after playing such a tight game like Mass Effect. Batman is still good in a lot of ways, but ME3 set such a high bar. Anyway, the glitch is not the only one. There are sometimes when the eyes of a person you are talking to seem to roll up inside their heads as if possessed. A little freaky.
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05 Jan 2013 15:26


He won't comment if challenged or exposed...Most people follow the same tactic.


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