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Capcom not interested in taking Mega Man into first-person territory at this time

"An FPS MM is not a concept I would be comfortable with given the current brand situation. It's not something I would advocate." - Capcom's Christian Svensson

I really don't think taking Mega Man in that direction would be a good idea. For a spin-off outside of the main series, that I could handle. Taking the main brand into the FPS realm might not mesh so well with Mega Man's platforming-heavy gameplay.


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No Avatar
31 Dec 2012 16:46

RMC we say the same about the Metroid Prime series and look what happend, if they get the right people, everything is possible.
User avatar
31 Dec 2012 16:47

The same could have been said about Metroid. The 2D Metroid games are very platform centric too yet it made a fantastic move to a FPS view.
User avatar
31 Dec 2012 16:51

A good FPS is always a good FPS. Hell, MM Legends is a TPS, right?
User avatar
31 Dec 2012 17:00

Did someone ask about an FPS Megaman? Or Christian Svensson just like shooting down rumors nobody started?


Honestly, I think people would take anything if it came down to it. And by anything, I don't mean a fan game (since those are always coming out) or an ios on-rail game (since that's not the platform/audience they're looking for).

That said, and broken records aside, Metroid did just fine with going first person.

And I mean, Megaman is a shooter anyway.
No Avatar
31 Dec 2012 17:56

thank BUDDHA. I could see a TPS working, if they went bonkers and made more like Vanquish than the Gears of War template
User avatar
31 Dec 2012 18:02

It could work. They just don't want to make ANY Mega Man games.
User avatar
31 Dec 2012 19:13

Let's face it, Metroid Prime's don't happen often, and after Mega Man's current scenario, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry, I just don't trust Capcom to put out something of that caliber.

It's nice to hear them say this and further narrow down for the fans what their ideas are for the future, but once again I do not need Capcom to tell me what Mega Man games they aren't making. How about telling me where you are thinking about taking the franchise?
User avatar
31 Dec 2012 19:35

Say what you want. While I love the platforming metroid games, I love the fps metroid games even more. Metroid prime delivered an immersion that was simply impossible on the 2D metroid, while the 2D metroids provided quick, fast paced platforming that is also impossible on the first person shooter metroids.

They are almost completely seperate games within the same universe and I think that's what megaman needs since capcom is having little success with spamming the same old formula.
User avatar
31 Dec 2012 21:38

It's the "at this time" that worries me, this should never happen. Not every game has to be a FPS.
No Avatar
01 Jan 2013 00:09

I feel like it's unfair to compare Metroid with Mega Man since the games are so different. Metroid is a slow and thoughtful game in general. It was designed with exploration in mind and I think that fit the first person genre well.

Mega Man is a fast paced platformer first and foremost. It's designed with a certain level of game flow in mind and it's about reading patterns and exploiting weaknesses. Even in stuff like Mega Man Battle Networks they try to preserve the idea of quick movement and pattern recognition. I don't think the first person genre lends it's self well to that because it's hard to tell exactly where you stand in a first person game.

That's part of the reason that Metroid Prime has a huge leeway with collision detection during platforming. They knew you couldn't be precise, so they gave Samus a huge invisible landing pad under her feet where she could land. You are actually standing off the edge of platforms in many cases during the platforming segments. Mega Man is far more about precision and timing and I think that would kind of spoil the aspects of Mega Man that most fans enjoy.
User avatar
01 Jan 2013 02:01

If they can do third-person, first-person isn't an impossible prospect at all. Just make a game like Megaman Legends and offer the chance to play in first and third person.
User avatar
01 Jan 2013 15:38

I have no desire to play a Mega Man game from the first person perspective. Good day sir.
User avatar
01 Jan 2013 22:32

Mega Man was/is best as a 2D 8bit (and 8bit style) platformer.

An FPS/FPA version could perhaps work if you still have the freedom of those games. Like choosing what boss and what weapon to beat another boss etc. And maybe if they give it to Retro...

Personally, and I do not think I am alone, I would rather have MM11
User avatar
03 Jan 2013 00:14

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v293/ ... person.gif
I can't believe how old this image is. I'm sure I made it around the time Dark Echoes came out.
User avatar
03 Jan 2013 00:27

Who the hell suggested mm become an fps o.O the point of the series is platforming. If they wanted an fps they could play halo not try to make megaman into halo...

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