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Did You Know Gaming - Drawn to Life's double meaning


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No Avatar
01 Jan 2013 18:42

A spoiler warning *after* the spoiler image. Nicely done, Did You Know Gaming.
No Avatar
01 Jan 2013 19:02

The twist ending made me hate this game so much I sold both titles in disgust.
User avatar
01 Jan 2013 19:53

I loved the twist ending, really kind of set it up that Drawn to Life was a bit darker than its cheery aesthetic lets on. And that ending theme... It's one of those things that made me appreciate 5th Cell that much more beyond just the novel idea of being able to essentially create your own avatar to be the game's "hero", there was actually a competent structure and interesting story that surrounded those games. Even now as I play Scribblenauts Unlimited, the first in the series to have a story they actually manage to flesh out Maxwell as a character pretty well despite every game prior simply plopping you in the driver's seat as Maxwell and sending you on your merry way with not much at all with regards to narrative. Though story wise I think 5th Cell's best may still reside with Locke's Quest.
User avatar
01 Jan 2013 23:14

I played the 1st Drawn to Life years ago. Paid $10 and still felt greatly ripped off, it was at best a mediocre platformer and the novelty of creating your own character died quickly.

Still, this is a pretty cool twist ending. Almost makes me regret ditching the series after the first one..... almost.

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