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Club Nintendo - 3DS Game Card Case once again unavailable

If you didn't hop on this offer after it was put back in stock the second time, you're not out of luck again! No word on when this item will return, but let's cross our fingers and hope for another shot later this year. Thanks to Travis for the heads up!

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User avatar
01 Jan 2013 20:23

Haha when these came back I had already bought 2 Hori cases. Personally I think those are better, but I might get one of these just for the cool factor.
User avatar
01 Jan 2013 20:29

these have been up on the site for at least 3 full days. everyone had the time and coins to get it.
User avatar
01 Jan 2013 20:54

Man, talk about popular!
User avatar
01 Jan 2013 21:34

They were actually up for about an hour before they were gone
No Avatar
01 Jan 2013 23:20

I bought pokemon rumble blast just to get enough points for this.
Its being shipoed! Oh and rumble blast is actually fun.
User avatar
02 Jan 2013 00:25

What? Never heard it came back! :(
Aaah, I'm stuck hoping it will be available later again.
User avatar
02 Jan 2013 00:39

I got one of those cases the first time they became available. I didn't really need it when I got it so I sold it on eBay. They are worth quite a bit! I was able to get $35 for it several months ago.. XD
User avatar
02 Jan 2013 01:13

Well I got mine because I double guessed wheither I wanted one or not before and got mine before they sold out this time too.
User avatar
02 Jan 2013 01:49

I got one the last time they were available. And grabbed two more before they went away this time.
No Avatar
02 Jan 2013 03:03

So glad I ordered this. I just received it a few days ago and I love it.
User avatar
02 Jan 2013 05:43

Another one that I hope appears on the EU Club Nintendo, just like the golden nunchuck.

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