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007 Legends' UK release disappears

What's going on with the UK release of 007 Legends on Wii U? Activision isn't quite ready to say just yet. While they did confirm that the game is still on the way, all we get is a vague "later this year, TBC" time period. That doesn't really help anyone, does it?!


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02 Jan 2013 15:00

I wouldn't be surprised if Activision canceled the European release of the game. They already canceled the Australian release of the game.

Europe/Australia don't really need Legends. It's a terrible game (especially the Wii U port). Stick with Goldeneye Wii or Reloaded for PS3/360. Goldeneye Wii or Reloaded (depending on your platform of choice) is the better Bond game for you.
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02 Jan 2013 15:29

Adding to the mystery, all the James Bond games have been abruptly pulled from digital storefronts today. Perhaps there was a lapse in the license?
No Avatar
02 Jan 2013 16:15

I'm confused, I'm in the UK, I bought this game and its definitely a UK PAL version... I have also seen this game on the shelves in GAME. Are you sure you're talking about the right game/country?
No Avatar
02 Jan 2013 17:55

Just put the HD version of GoldenEye onto the eShop for a nice price and add Wii controls and that'll do better.

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