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Japan - This week's eShop releases (Jan. 2nd)


Virtual Console
Super Mario Bros. 3 (Famicom) – 500 yen

Video Content and eShop Sales

Super Mario Bros. 3 video
Denpan Ningen no RPG 2 for 700 yen
Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight is now 1,300 yen
3D Classics Kirby’s Adventure is 400 yen
Pokémon Dream Radar for 1,200 yen
Arc Style: Simple Mahjong 3D – 350 yen
Arc Style: San Goku Shi Pinball – 500 yen
Arc Style: Joshi Soccer 3D!! – 350 yen
Okiraku Daifugō 3D – 200 yen
Okiraku Kart 3D – 350 yen
Dasshutsu Adventure Kyū Kōsha no Shōjo – 600 yen
Otegaru Puzzle Series Alice to Mahō no Trump – 350 yen
Takagari Ō (Falconry King) – 500 yen

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