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02 Jan 2013 18:42

Please bring this to North America soon after it is out in Japan, Nintendo. Just translate it into English and then put that version in the e-shop for both N.A. and Europe. No need to redo any of the voice work. Just translate the text, add any needed subtitles, and then call it a day. And why you're at it, maybe you can do the same for Rocket Slime 3 since that title would probably take only 2-3 days to translate.

If Nintendo doesn't publish DQ 7 and later Dragon Quest X for Square-Enix, I'm worried that we'll never see them. Square-Enix doesn't seem to care about their North American Dragon Quest Fans anymore.
User avatar
02 Jan 2013 23:12

This is pretty much to big of a project for them to not bring it over. It would only not come over if it bombed in Japan, which it likely won't do. They brought over DQIV-VI. I feel pretty optimistic this will arrive on American shores.

But they've no reason to bring over Rocket Slime. I liked it, but it did quite badly here in the US.

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