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Can you take 20 minutes over Call of Duty: Black Ops II trolling?

Maybe funny to see now, but I'm sure it wasn't any fun to experience...

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02 Jan 2013 23:57

funny. oh some people.
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03 Jan 2013 00:13

Okay when he started impersonating Mickey Mouse I lost it. lol
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03 Jan 2013 00:38

Witness the gaming majority lose their cool
Witness the Xbox Live experience!
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03 Jan 2013 00:52

This is why people think gaming is the cause of all evil! I liked the KKK emblem at 3:43! Other than that pretty funny, but I bet really annoying.
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03 Jan 2013 01:59

This is Ventrilo Harassment calibur and I love it!
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03 Jan 2013 03:03

I like this crap. I especially like that instead of just muting the guy they get legit angry at him.

Trolling like this is an art form.
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03 Jan 2013 03:20

You can't run through team mates in cod? who thought that was a good idea? Plus xbox live in a nut shell.
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03 Jan 2013 11:26

Funny video! I have to watch more later but "you shall not pass" really made me lol.

Also, the Wii U version really does look better. I didn't know it was that obvious.

Posted from my Wii U
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03 Jan 2013 11:44

derula wrote:
CaptainColon wrote:Trolling like this is an art form.

*a art

The more I see of this game the more certain I get I would hate to play it.

*"an art" is correct
*"a art" is not
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03 Jan 2013 12:51

These games are horrible. The people who play them are horrible. They don't belong on a Nintendo system.
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03 Jan 2013 14:59

I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't already know what that last link is of...
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03 Jan 2013 16:45

Wow xbox live is even worse than pc, blops 2 on wii u has none of that, no trolls makes it better on wiiu imo.
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05 Jan 2013 15:43

"I can't concentrate with that dude breathing like that!"

>>>Do you need to concentrate to play Call of Duty???? Oh, boy! For your own good, never try Battlefield!

BTW, this is what happens if a game is not seriousenoigh to allow for player by player muting...


Most of these clips are from Black Ops, not Black Ops 2...

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