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Classic Mega Man rollout schedule for 3DS VC, more details on 25 anniversary soon

Here's the plan for Capcom's rollout of classic Mega Man games on the 3DS VC...

- Mega Man 2 on February 7
- Mega Man 3~6 coming roughly each month after that

Capcom also says that new details on Mega Man's 25th anniversary will be coming out this month, so stay tuned to the official Capcom blog to get first dibs on the info!


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User avatar
03 Jan 2013 14:34

That's a good start. Mega Man Game Boy games coming next would be nice. Preferrably in a collection. Called Mega Man Mania. eShop title. Niiiice. Xtreme 1 and 2 on the Virtual Console would be nice also.
User avatar
03 Jan 2013 14:36

Can't wait for the good stuff! Give me my Mega Man 2-6! :)
No Avatar
03 Jan 2013 14:56

They could give us the Game Boy Mega Man's two weeks after the NES releases?
User avatar
03 Jan 2013 15:12

Wait... didn't they say a lot of information would come in December?
No Avatar
03 Jan 2013 15:46

Mega man soccer. Never played it,but I want it.
User avatar
03 Jan 2013 17:19

@drew It's really not that good.

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