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Nintendo Force - comic tease

Nintendo Force is going to have reviews, previews, interviews and all that good stuff...but it'll also have comics! Here's a one-panel tease from a comic in the first issue, penned by Brawl in the Family's Matthew Taranto.


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User avatar
03 Jan 2013 16:01

Nice! I'd draw comics for you guys too if you ever needed the help!
User avatar
03 Jan 2013 16:48

There's a lot of great stuff in this first issue, but Mr. Taranto's comic is one of my favourite features. Can't wait for you guys to see it!
User avatar
03 Jan 2013 16:51

Can't wait, So please let us know how to get it as soon as possible. I want a physical version if I can but if its only digital thats fine too.
User avatar
03 Jan 2013 17:24

This panel seems similar to the first panel in this comic: http://brawlinthefamily.keenspot.com/20 ... cefulness/ Will Matthew's comics for Nintendo Force be all original ones, updated versions of already released Brawl in the Family comics, or will it be like the "Best of Brawl in the Family" type of thing?
User avatar
03 Jan 2013 18:53

Brawl in the Family is pretty darn funny so hopefullu it will be similair. But with new jokes of course.
User avatar
03 Jan 2013 19:50

Brawl in the Family and Awkward Zombie are pretty much the only two webcomics I read weekly, so I am stoked!
No Avatar
04 Jan 2013 13:13

Is it possible to subscribe yet? I don't want to miss the first issue

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