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Renegade Kid's Jools Watsham blog update - 3DS Piracy Revisited

I have always been a huge supporter of Nintendo, the Nintendo DS, and the Nintendo 3DS. If you have followed my vlogs, blogs, and tweets over the past 6 years you will know this. What saddens me is that some people have taken my comments as an attack on Nintendo, the 3DS, and the players. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I wrote this: “If piracy gets bad on the 3DS, we will have no choice but to stop supporting the platform with new games.”

This does not mean I am taking a stand against piracy. This does not mean I am taking my business elsewhere in an action of protest.

What this means is if we cannot make money from developing games we can no longer develop games. That is what can happen if piracy gets bad. If enough people choose to illegally obtain copies of my games for free instead of paying for them, it directly affects my business and my home.

Full blog post here

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04 Jan 2013 14:12

To be honest, I'm tired of hearing about this piracy thing. I know he's mad, and rightfully so, but that's all I've seen being talked about the past few days. No offense to Jools. Just sick of seeing it, like he's sick of seeing piracy in the first place.
User avatar
04 Jan 2013 14:40

I can see where Jools is coming from. If I can't make money in a specific market I would stop trying in that market. Budgeting could help increase profits, but if piracy gets too bad it wouldn't matter
User avatar
04 Jan 2013 15:02

Are people really getting in Jools' face about this stuff?
User avatar
04 Jan 2013 15:15

I agree with him in more ways then one. In all honesty, many people who do pirate wouldn't pirate if the games were available to them. Services like Steam have already proven this as they've made a huge dent in sales and have greatly lowered piracy on PC games.
No Avatar
04 Jan 2013 16:18

Most people who pirate games wouldn't buy the game even if they didn't have the option of pirating. Either they play the game for free or they don't play it at all, the developer loses either way.

Games are just too expensive.
User avatar
04 Jan 2013 16:49

I'm sorry Jools but you are just plain wrong on this.

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the amount of people who have pirated your game that would have bought it otherwise is absolutely tiny.

If you are not making enough money from sales of your games to keep making them then the issue is most definitely not piracy.

Trust this truth and it shall set you free.
User avatar
04 Jan 2013 17:25

Jools, you HAVE to know that the web has spoken, and no matter what someone in the industry says about piracy, Go Nintendo (and their ilk) will ALWAYS twist your words to say the same thing. this being, "derp, pirating's bad, mmmkay." it's because they're beholden to the industry, of course. what do you think would happen to all those freebies that RMC gets if he states on his site that piracy isn't all bad? (it's not all bad, btw, there are MANY positive results of piracy) the industry is forcing it's opinion on it's less able minded followers in order to continue their impossible to maintain year over year sales numbers. seriously guys, open your mind for just a second and see that you're all being led by the nose here... a pirate is NEVER going to pay for this content EVER, so you're not really "losing" anything, not a sale, not a fan, nothing. please stop complaining about money when you're part of the biggest money making industry in the entertainment sector. perhaps those ds games just weren't all that good (gasp).

afterall, where is there any proof that a free download is a lost sale? you'll only find opinion on this subject, there aren't any facts to base any real discussion on. as long as videogames are priced the way they are, there will always be pirating. it's simple mathematics. i don't believe a programmer is entitled to anything, not fans, not guaranteed profits, a fair marketplace, nothing. if you like to make games, make games. if you have talent, you will succeed financially (as Jools himself is a good example). if you can't make a living off of your games, the fact is, you're doing it wrong. take some personal responsibility, and stop blaming the people who (usually) can't even afford your product. they're certainly NOT the reason a game fails to sell.
No Avatar
04 Jan 2013 19:06

This argument would make sense if he wasn't publishing his games on IOS.
No Avatar
04 Jan 2013 19:28

WonderbreadUSA wrote:This argument would make sense if he wasn't publishing his games on IOS.

And PC.

Obviously I agree that piracy is bad, but implying he's going to have to 'retreat' from the 3DS is just ridiculous. PC and iOS don't even require extra purchases (flash cart) for pirating.
User avatar
04 Jan 2013 23:58

Exactly. You can't assume everyone who pirates your game was going to buy your game in the first place. Some people don't have the money and would never have played it otherwise.

Also, it is very easy to pirate on ios and pc like others have mentioned. He doesn't seem too mad about piracy on those platforms... Then again, I haven't been keeping up with all of this and he might have mentioned it before.

At any rate, piracy is going to happen and there isn't much anyone can do to stop it. This is true with everything; games, music, videos, etc.
User avatar
05 Jan 2013 00:03


I think he keeps talking about it because people won't stop bothering him. How many times had he had to "clarify" his words? People are bugging him.
No Avatar
05 Jan 2013 12:58

So now he's saying evergreen statements that encompass piracy conceptually. What happens if piracy gets bad? Gonna put mudds 2 on PC exclusively? The platform most rampant with piracy?


Honestly what he said in the first place was easy to interpret, there really is no need to keep firing off
No Avatar
05 Jan 2013 14:42

Autosaver wrote:@MoldyClay

I think he keeps talking about it because people won't stop bothering him. How many times had he had to "clarify" his words? People are bugging him.

Specifically? Until he stops singling out the 3DS, a platform with currently ZERO piracy on it, while publishing for other platforms that are flooded with it.

He really needs to stop talking. Every time he opens his mouth in regards to this topic his foot just goes in deeper.

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