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GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 386


We had a great show today, thanks to a certain story about Call of Duty. Yes, we are all terribly immature. Hopefully you'll laugh with us, as we didn't mean to offend. If you've been following the Call of Duty news this week, you certainly know what story we end up laughing over!

Download the show here (thanks Poopaloop!) and check out the full comic here (may offend)

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05 Jan 2013 23:23

I don't think Poopaloop will be able to follow that up. The full comic is AMAZING.
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05 Jan 2013 23:36

Hahaha, I like how you snuck in a reference to that "penis swastika" quote. Nice comic.
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05 Jan 2013 23:50

It's the love walker flag!
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06 Jan 2013 00:18

I never asked for this....
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06 Jan 2013 00:32

Best podcast hangout evar. You're the best, Poopaloop : D
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06 Jan 2013 06:12

Thank you so much! The hangout was so much fun! :D

For everyone that missed it and wants the full experience of this podcast, you can find the images MomBrain and RMC refer to at https://plus.google.com/photos/10008086 ... 0970158865!

Thanks again to everyone that came along!
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06 Jan 2013 09:12

i think maybe by calling it fake they mean the game mythology states it was created by humans like porygon.

Remember:"it was created by exposing a virus to lasers" weither intentional or not that means it was created by humans.
also 387 is
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06 Jan 2013 23:23

lol, when I first glanced at the drawing I thought it was the Queen of England.
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12 Jan 2013 15:45

RAW is turning Super Saiyan! His beard is turning blond!!

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