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Mega Man's first outing was almost about rescuing Roll

Roll is in Mega Man 1, but you only see her at the end. Did you know that originally Capcom was going to have Make Man hunting down Wily in order to rescue a kidnapped Roll? There were even plans to have Mega Man face a giant, robotic version of Roll as a boss!


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User avatar
06 Jan 2013 20:30

Hey! Roll is already a robot hehe... But facing a giant Roll at the end actually sounds really cool!
User avatar
06 Jan 2013 20:31

Giant robotic evil Roll?! I want to see how this concept would have looked like!
User avatar
06 Jan 2013 22:46

Wait a second... didn't one of the scenarios in one of the Arcade games have Roll captured?
User avatar
06 Jan 2013 22:50

Thank you Mega Man! But your Roll is in another castle.
No Avatar
07 Jan 2013 00:09

Sounds interesting, but I can see why they decided not to 'Roll' out with that idea... =P
User avatar
07 Jan 2013 00:40


You could say Mega Man wouldn't be on a "Roll"!

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