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Wii U support page gets a revamp

The Wii U support page has been updated a bit with some more info. If you're looking for help with error codes or other general questions, this page should be able to set things straight. Remember to bookmark it just incase you find yourself in a stick situation with the Wii U.

Page here (thanks Alan!)

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06 Jan 2013 23:56

That's nice.

Now, my Wii-U is STILL locking up from time to time requiring unplugging-plugging the power cord. And no, it is NOT game, nor miiverse specific, it's extremely random. I can be playing for hours, or a few days with no problem, and then it can lock up two or three times within minutes of the last lock-up and then be fine again for a day or two or three.

Any word from anyone in the know as to when THAT'LL be fixed?

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