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Team Ninja feels Nintendo is trying to broaden their market with Wii U

A portion of an ONM interview with Team Ninja's Yasuda...

ONM: Do you feel as though the release of more adult, "hardcore" games like Ninja Gaiden and ZombiU signals a new direction for Nintendo?

Yasuda: There are still familiar titles like Mario, so rather than changing direction, I feel they are trying to broaden the audience.

Full interview here

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User avatar
07 Jan 2013 16:00

You know I just have to ask, just how much more can you broaden the audience of games?

I don't think offering the TVii is going to magically make more ppl play games, but it might be a great use for families who don't want to buy the WiiU only for their kid's games. Can we focus on just making real fresh and new games, and bringing back the old ones that people still love with (godforbid the word!) sequels!?!
User avatar
07 Jan 2013 16:05

I feel like ever since Iwata took over from Yamauchi that's kinda been Nintendo's goal altogether. I feel like the Yamauchi era, while still bringing us lots of memorable games, was focused more on making powerful hardware, even if it cost support (NES and SNES may have done well, but the N64 caused a decline because the focus on power and not using a new, cheaper, medium for putting games on caused third party support to drop, and Gamecube had a similar problem with it's lack of online despite being almost on par with the original Xbox in terms of raw power). Iwata era Nintendo is more focused on trying to bring in more customers with new ideas rather than the old fashioned way of "do the same thing, just make it look better."

I know even Nintendo themselves admit the Wii still had a misstep in that there might have been a little too much focus on the new casual crowd instead of trying to equally appeal to both casuals and core gamers, but I think that as long as the Wii U continues on it's own path it'll do a good job finding that sweet spot of "equal appeal to both audiences." (at this point I've learned to just block out idiotic "hardcorez" who think that just because suddenly elderly people are now interested in playing games that suddenly means "their hobby" is now "ruined")
User avatar
07 Jan 2013 16:16

Wish we could get some better devs into WiiU
User avatar
07 Jan 2013 16:23

ONM: What are you working on now? Will it be on Wii U?

Hayashi: We are working on an action game, and we are looking into other titles for Wii U.

Wait...does this mean that the action title they're currently working on isn't for Wii U or does this mean that the current project is also Wii U-bound?
User avatar
07 Jan 2013 16:32

I read it as they're working on some action game thats Wii U-bound plus looking into bringing over other titles as well to the Wii U.
No Avatar
07 Jan 2013 18:15

imo gaming has been in decline the past 7 years. The 128 bit era was the peak. Its all me too crap now and fps titles are pretty much all that seem to matter. I hope Nintendo continues what its doing, I had tremondous amounts of fun on the Wii and the Wii U will hopefully continue that, if not, I'll just stick to my golden era titles and be content living in the past
User avatar
07 Jan 2013 18:38

This has been Nintendo's goal since the Gamecube I'd think. Nintendo always wanted something for everyone. And they kinda do- it's just some 3rd parties are not doing their part.
User avatar
07 Jan 2013 20:12

It's definitely them trying to broaden their market.
User avatar
07 Jan 2013 22:14

komicturtle92 wrote:This has been Nintendo's goal since the Gamecube I'd think. Nintendo always wanted something for everyone. And they kinda do- it's just some 3rd parties are not doing their part.

I don't think Gamecube did anything to reach an expanded market. Sony was King and Microsoft stole more Nintendo gamers away from Nintendo, thanks to massive third party support. The Gamecube was just a more powerful machine, like the N64 and SNES before it, but this time, unlike its competitors, it didn't have what it needed to keep 3rd party companies and gamers interested.

The Wii showed me that I DO want just a more powerful machine (missed out on a ton of great games), but I don't mind new innovative ideas if it's not going to hurt things.
Forced waggle = hurt
Pointer = helped

Mario Power Tennis:
Gamecube version = :D
Wii version = :x

Pikmin, Metroid Prime, and Resident Evil 4 saw improvements with the pointer.
Zelda: Twilight Princess had better controls when using the pointer for things like the Bow & arrow, but sword fighting was pretty bad (waggle).

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