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Japan - 3DS sells 10 million units after 98 weeks

- 10,068,192 sold as of 1/6/13.
- dotted bars: weekly sales number
- Line: cumulative sales number
- Point indicated on graph is Animal Crossing: New Leaf's release date
- Units are in 10,000 increments


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User avatar
08 Jan 2013 07:54

I think this number will rise with the new Pokemon games coming.
User avatar
08 Jan 2013 09:33

I hope Animal Crossing is as popular in the rest of the world. Also, new Pokemon should kill off the Vita once and for all and place the 3DS as the top hardware on the market.
No Avatar
08 Jan 2013 11:30

That number seems incredible. 10 million in a nation of what 130 million? So quickly? It's unbelievable just thinking about the amount of streetpasses. Having said that, why isn't this affecting the stock price? It drives me crazy. RISE STOCK PRICE RISE!!!!
User avatar
08 Jan 2013 12:51

Stock won't rise right away, most investors are from the western hemisphere they might understand the stock exchange but I doubt most of them understand the significance of things like an exclusive Monster Hunter game for example.
No Avatar
08 Jan 2013 14:29

neat comment " we can assume that 3DS is a success in Japan " , all it took was to sell more than the ps3 and vita combined , 98% of the market at one point, 57times, 20times or to have every week above 50k while the ps3 got three , three millions sellers in the same month (never done before) , and so on .

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