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08 Jan 2013 15:39

Ordered !!

Also the "3DS Game Card Case" and "Game & Watch Gallery 1" are back in stock...
User avatar
08 Jan 2013 15:51

Will it ever get back to Europe? D:
User avatar
08 Jan 2013 15:52

Hey Nintendo, send some over to the EU.
User avatar
08 Jan 2013 15:53

I just ordered mine.
No Avatar
08 Jan 2013 16:19

I just ordered mine too. I wasn't going to miss my chance again.
User avatar
08 Jan 2013 16:20

Snagged mine the last time it was back. Now I have one gold and one black pair Remote+/Nunchuck.
User avatar
08 Jan 2013 16:28

I got it on the first round. Still in its package
User avatar
08 Jan 2013 16:32

I ordered it! So happy.
User avatar
08 Jan 2013 16:41

Missed it twice, got it the third time finally.
User avatar
08 Jan 2013 16:45

got one as well, but boy seeing my coins go down that much is really jarring
User avatar
08 Jan 2013 17:55

And after talking to friends, I was able to come up with the coins I needed. So glad to finally get one!!
User avatar
08 Jan 2013 18:22

Third times the charm for me!! My new Wii U Deluxe put me over the top,thanks little buddy.
I just ordered mine! :)
No Avatar
08 Jan 2013 21:04

Anyone want to spot me 300 points? :D
Even if I had 300 points to register and I want to get this but I don't want to waste 300 points, since I'm already at platinum status. Nintendo needs roll-over points.
User avatar
09 Jan 2013 00:35

Not sure if I should order a second one or not. I already have my gold wiimote/ nunchuck combo, but it might be a good collector's item.

Meh. I'll let others that haven't gotten one have a chance. :P

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