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09 Jan 2013 12:43

This looks very interesting, can't wait to watch it.

I never got into Zelda as a kid, and the timeline/continuity was one of the main factors that drew me in at college. Man I had some fond memories, especially the anticipation while going to buy my 1st Zelda title (walked over a mile both ways to buy Wind Waker used at Gamestop, I borrowed a friend's copy of Minish Cap and Ocarina of Time), and the nights I literally couldn't sleep because I couldn't stop playing Majora's Mask for 12 hours straight :o. I tried to play the games in what I thought was the right order (boy was I WAY off on the child timeline :lol: ) and still haven't gotten to The Adventure of Link, 4 Swords Adventure, or the Oracle games.
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09 Jan 2013 14:12

Being a Zelda fan, I just love stuff like this!

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