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Famitsu teasing scoop, Capcom info for next issue

Famitsu has teased a couple of interesting things for their next issue. Here's what they had to say to hype gamers up.

- “surprise scoop” on a “long awaited title”
- “The silence is broken on a long awaited title”
- “Information will be revealed at last.”
- teased separately is a “Huge Capcom Project”


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User avatar
09 Jan 2013 05:08

inb4 not for Nintendo systems.
User avatar
09 Jan 2013 05:09

If it's not Mega Man, I'm calling the recently leaked (maybe) Dead Rising 3.

Or another Resident Evil.

My face when it's Rival Schools.
User avatar
09 Jan 2013 05:15

They have got to know that hyping up this much and not delivering with a Mega Man title will piss off the entire internet. They can't be this stupid. Well, it is Capcom.
User avatar
09 Jan 2013 06:27

So Square will finally talk about FFVersus XIII? :D
Or Sony is moving along to something presentable with The Last Guardian?
Or is it another Square cellphone game? :P

Huge Capcom project is either another Monster Hunter or Dead Rising 3 (although I don't know how the latter could be called "huge" in terms of mass appeal).

Always expect the least interesting stuff with Famitsu^^ (though they sometimes have surprising stuff, too!)
No Avatar
09 Jan 2013 06:38

Just wait a few months; it'll be cancelled.
User avatar
09 Jan 2013 07:16

proabably the last guardian.. i wish
No Avatar
09 Jan 2013 09:24

Scoop = Kingdom Hearts 3

Capcom info = Resident Evil rail shooter 3

Everybody go back to bed.
No Avatar
09 Jan 2013 10:35

Has everyone already forgotten Nintendo recently has been mentioning the Mother/Earthbound series? I think that'd be longest awaited title ever.
User avatar
09 Jan 2013 12:03

Mega Man Legends 3 revival? Be still my ever hopeful heart.
No Avatar
09 Jan 2013 13:24

It's funny and sad to see such negativity towards Capcom. They earned it though.
User avatar
09 Jan 2013 15:11

They forgot one thing:
-“Huge Capcom Project“ will have tons of on-disc DLC.
No Avatar
09 Jan 2013 16:24

Nintendo vs Capcom?!?!?!? i wish :(

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