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Gunman Clive creator talks about the game's homebrew Wii start, sequel interest

A portion of an MTV interview with developer Bertil Hörberg...

Multiplayer: How did it evolve from a homebrew Wii game?

Hörberg: I first started developing the game years ago. I was tired of my job and left to take some time off and did some hobby coding. For some reason that I can't really explain I ended up coding a 3D engine for Wii homebrew, and alongside it the game that would eventually become Gunman Clive. I toyed with the idea a bit back then to start up a company and try to get a developer license and eventually release it for Wiiware. But I took a job at another game studio instead and put the project on hold for several years. In the end I'm glad I waited. I don't think I would have been ready back then and the game as it were then would not have turned out nearly as good.

Multiplayer: Can we hope to see more from Clive?

Hörberg: I want to make something else first, preferably something with a bit more colour, but yes I will very likely make a sequel eventually. The reception has been incredible and I can't afford to waste this opportunity when the players want more. I'm also quite interested to see how much further I can take the faux-handdrawn art style with a bit more time and possibly with more powerful hardware, if I were to make a console version.

Full interview here

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User avatar
09 Jan 2013 16:16

Gunman clive is great, guys. It's only $1.99 and it's like NES era megaman but with cowboys...and ducks. It's worth a buy
User avatar
09 Jan 2013 16:35

LegendofSantiago wrote:Gunman clive is great, guys. It's only $1.99 and it's like NES era megaman but with cowboys...and ducks. It's worth a buy

I concur. Great gameplay, great art style and can be pretty tough.
User avatar
09 Jan 2013 16:43

Great game. Much better than Mutant mudds for sure. and its cheaper too
User avatar
09 Jan 2013 18:12

I love the way the game looks. It's a bit of a shame to hear he'd rather explore the style on other hardware since the 3D makes it especially fascinating.


Oh you.
User avatar
09 Jan 2013 23:52

I knew I played a beta of this game like 4 years ago on Wii Homebrew. Glad it made it this far. Great game.

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