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09 Jan 2013 16:48

stuff like this tears me apart... that poor old gameboy reduced to doing the work of the lazy android phone... too selfish to grow it's own pair of buttons..
User avatar
09 Jan 2013 17:45

This is part cool, part doesn't fit my S3, part OMG HOW DO YOU HAVE THE HEART TO GUY AN ORIGINAL GB!!!
No Avatar
09 Jan 2013 18:06

Soooo, someone ruined a gameboy....
No Avatar
10 Jan 2013 00:46

I think it's a pretty cool mod, I really wish I was able to do projects like this. Though i'd expect to demonstrate I think I'd rather just show off a NES emulator or GB one
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 02:34

That actually seems really cool (when you get past the fact that someone killed a gameboy to make it).
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 07:05

Did you know that there are millions of Game Boys in the wild? And a huge percentage of those are the grey model. Now I'm not saying that we don't need to be a little careful about preserving some, but seriously, getting upset because someone modded one to get some use out of it? You guys better not look at what the chip music community do to theirs!

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