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Interworks Controller Pro U - review

This is a snippet of a Wii U Daily review for the Interworks Controller Pro U...

This is not an expensive controller. It doesn't feel as good or function as well as an official Nintendo product. It does a lot of things but almost all of them are compromised in some way. That said, it does some things perfectly well. SNES and N64 games on the Wii virtual console work great, and it's certainly more simple than finding a Wii remote and classic controller for each player.

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09 Jan 2013 21:06

But why so ugly? Don'tthey have money for a designer?

Oopps. My bad. Was thinking about the new one announced today :P
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09 Jan 2013 21:23

after reading a good review, i picked one of these up over the holidays for VC games but it was really awful. After a day, i returned it. The button assignment was reversed for snes games, making it very awkward for games where you need to hold down the run button while you press the jump button. The infrared pointer (which i thought was a great idea) only seemed to work when pointed directly at the sensor bar. when tilted slightly sideways it didn't respond well. in other words, it didn't work anywhere near as well as a wiimote for pointing. in addition, the left stick had smooth movement, but the right stick felt very different and raspy, like there was plastic grinding on plastic. like if there wasn't good quality control for the sizes and shapes of parts or for their placement. the packaging was very deceptive. personally, i understood going in that it didn't work as a wii u pro controller - but the name and packaging seemed specifically designed to dupe people who were less wary. Target even had it stocked in the spot where wii u pro controllers were supposed to be.

After using this for a day, i felt no remorse returning it - because it reminded me of how well the classic controller and classic controller pro worked. and even though the wiimote tethering is annoying, it's not really a big deal.
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09 Jan 2013 23:28

It's a shame this doesn't seem very well made, having an infrared pointer on a regularly-styled controller would be really cool, and is something I've been wanting to see for a while.

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