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The Daily Show says games are being used as a scapegoat in the violence debate

The Daily Show with Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Scapegoat Hunter
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User avatar
10 Jan 2013 01:24

THESE GUYS! These guys get it! Glad to see a popular "news" show have common sense.
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 01:24

Jon Stewart always knows what's up.
No Avatar
10 Jan 2013 01:29

it is notable how Stewart keeps bringing up people saying "there's a time and a place to talk about guns, but not now"...which is what they say EVERY time gun control is brought up. Sorry, but this conversation can't be held back forever. It's going to happen, and it's better if it happens sooner rather than later.
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 01:37

Well this is a tough one to handle withot p*&^ing someone of.Violence as been around everyone before the time of video games,persecution,enslavement,wars,drug releated crimes,poor beating on the rich,rich beating on the poor.Some video games are a reflection on the world in history and present,its like giving charity to the poor and needy worldwide to cover the ignorane of capitalism and social class(although it does give people relief).So is the same worldwide stop warring,stop corruption,etc.then tackle every other problem.But like i said blame,money,power is ignorance and a distraction.

And if in the US the goverment want guns to be handed in.then first set a good example of your own dealings before asking the public to hand in arms,as the goverment has left a bad taste in poeples mouths.
Its not about punishment its about the prevention.
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 01:43

It's just an excuse so Merica' can keep there gun laws! I think Obama should make it as strict as Canada because it sickens me how many lives are taken because of Republicans wanting there precious guns!
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 01:50

Furealz wrote:It's just an excuse so Merica' can keep there gun laws! I think Obama should make it as strict as Canada because it sickens me how many lives are taken because of Republicans wanting there precious guns!

I do not own a gun or a lover of them .i watched Alex jones on pierce morgan,alex being a republican,but what youve said there is wrong,you cannot blame one group without blaming the other,all are guilty all have guns or an army And history tells us of civil unrest.
ps i have played quite abit of cod
No Avatar
10 Jan 2013 02:00

I agree that video games are scapegoats in this debate... but I do not feel that taking away everybody's guns is the answer to the issue. We could be more strict in how we obtain the guns, and do more thorough checks. But a lot of criminals get guns illegally anyway. A lot of people who own guns are responsible people and would never dream of committing atrocities like the ones that have gone on recently.
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 02:13

Yay. Someone actually reads the ESRB ratings.
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 02:21

Viacom corrupted our culture
They (Viacom) some how can get away with dissing disabled kids, asians, blacks, women and what have you while the PC police go after not so offensive targets like Derpy Hooves
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 03:12


"i watched Alex jones on pierce morgan"


"I do not feel that taking away everybody's guns is the answer to the issue."

Assuming you live in the US, I have some good news for you, then: No one who matters is seriously suggesting that as a solution. And even if they were, it would be impossible in both legal and practical terms to do so.
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 03:59

Given President Obama's history with guns, it seems massively hypocritical to call upon him to stop gun violence.

Eh, what do you expect from prohibitionists? Jack Thompson would be proud.
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 05:03

Jon Stewart should be compulsory viewing for everyone.
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 05:12

Sammet wrote:Jon Stewart should be compulsory viewing for everyone.

He's just appealing to his audience.
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 05:49

KingBroly wrote:
Sammet wrote:Jon Stewart should be compulsory viewing for everyone.

He's just appealing to his audience.

I meant generally. He always makes pretty reasoned points on whatever topic, regardless of political viewpoint. You don't have to agree with him but it's always helpful to see the other side of an issue.
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 08:46

The problem is that nobody wants to admit alot of whats happening today stems from poor parenting/broken families, which stems from abortion control/sexual education,which stems from religion. Maybe if politicians could put away their personal beliefs and paid for ones, consider the many and not the few, we could have some progress. Thats never going to happen, so i want as many guns and as much ammo as I can gather to protect me from all these people!
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 09:08

A couple things:

I do beloieve we need to ban assault weapons for anyone to be able to get. There is no need for them. A 22 caliber will kill someone too if you shoot them and hit them in the right area. I do believe we can still allow people to have pistols/shotguns/rifles, just not the type that fire off mahy rounds in a short period of time. Give the DEER and SQUIRELLS a chance! :D Ohh..you didn't mean to use them for hunting wildlife??? Then why do you need them???

Video Games have been around since I was a kid (1970's). We had games that were shooter games back then. Not like some that are out there today but still shooter games. Does that make me a "Killer", because I play them? Heck NO. And the Millions of other folks who play them and still play them should not be labeled either as potential killers.

I do believe Parenting issues can trigger behavior. Maybe we need to take a look at how society is doing as Parents to our children?

Anyway, this topic will NEVER go away. No matter what they put in place, things will still happen (Where there is a will, there is a way). I just pray that Massacres like what happened in Sandy Hook don't happen again. Will they, probably, but can we at least be vigilant and be on guard with our surroundings? Of course. There were several teachers that lost their lives, protecting students, and in other killings there have been other numerous heroes that have given their life to save another.

Unfortunately like I said, this topic will be up for discussion the rest of our lives. I wish there was a "one stop shop" to stop this violence, but no matter what is put in place, it will still happen. :(
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 09:15

Jon Stewart knows his politics problem is he isn't funny....everything he says/does comes off as hokey or corny. He's like the Carrot Top or Gallagher of political humor. Colbert is much more funny and deserving of an Emmy that Stewart seems to keep on taking...
No Avatar
10 Jan 2013 12:35

And I can't watch the video because I'm in Canada. But yes video games (and all violent media for that matter) are just a scapegoat for real life violence.
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 13:11

Although I don't like his show, he's right on the money in regards to video games being used as a scapegoat. Although I don't personally like or condone a lot of the more violent video games, movies and television shows, saying that these cause real violence is absurd. There's a huge difference between causation and correlation. A murdering psychopath will GENERALLY enjoy a video game where he gets to kill things than say, SimFarm, but to make the huge logical fallacy that said video game changed who he was and ignore the 99.99999% of respectable people who played the exact same video games and "just happened" to be spared the "evil hypnosis power" or whatever, is above idiotic.
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 13:15

I just don't get how blaming these things can fly for so many people. I understand fully that nobody -really- believes that these things are the cause of violence and that they just don't want to blame themselves, but that's my issue. How can people look at the dozen gamers who commit crimes and just ignore the ten million gamers who don't? I play/played Halo, Uncharted, Call of Duty, Borderlands, Dishonored (and loved it by the way. On my third playthrough), etc., and I haven't shot anybody. I do own guns for personal protection and I know how to use them. Every scrap of criteria is in place: I play violent video games and I own guns that I know how to use, so why haven't I shot anyone yet?

I also play The Legend of Zelda and Skyrim, and I haven't taken any large two handed swords to anyone yet despite decking over 76 hours into the game -and- owning replicas of Glamdring and the Witch King's sword. I don't understand. I also play Madden and I'm not in the NFL yet, so what gives?
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 14:48

I'm very glad somebody like Stewart is stepping up and defending games, which always seem to be the scape goat for most of the US politics when it comes to violence. I'd also like to point out, no matter which way they swing, I really don't understand why they haven't brought up the lack of campus police at elementary schools. If Highschools and middle schools have them, why don't elementary?
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 16:12

This is the same problem that comics had on the 60's. Parents think games are for kids therefore games should not have adult content. I get it. But I'm a 32 years old male, if you are a lazy parent that don't bother to check on your kids I'm sorry for you and your kids but I am not going to educate your kids for you, a game is not going to educate your kids for you. Take responsibility of yourself and your own actions and stop blaming inanimate objects. Comics are not evil, tv is not evil, games are not evil. Your kid is not a dog, talk to him/her about the content they may watch/play. I am a 32 years old adult and I will watch and play whatever I want to and you as a lazy politician/parent have not right to decide for me.

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