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UK - How retail figures may point to a coming disruption

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10 Jan 2013 06:20

All I keep reading on game sites is related to "disrpution"...

Certainly the keyword of the moment...
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10 Jan 2013 09:34

So, the price of games go up, overall retail sales go down.
Am I misreading the charts?
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10 Jan 2013 09:48

I would really like to know why the savior of gaming, smart phones, aren't included in this. Unless these numbers are based on retail sales only and not digital but in that case they're being used to misrepresent what's really going on.

Really, there needs to be a whole lot more transparency when it comes to digital sales and profits.

*quickly glances over article*

Oh... so that's why phone games aren't included. It's another "consoles are dying" hit piece.

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