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- Hibiki Kuze is described as an ordinary third year high school student
- on the way back from a mock exam he heads to the subway planning on going home
- he gets caught up in a battle with demons
- after this battle, Hibki can control demons along with Io and Daichi
- Hibiki is dragged into fighting these mysterious invaders
- Daichi is in the same class as Hibiki and a close friend
- he’s modern kid that has a habit of not thinking too deeply about things
- Daichi’s cheerful personality supports Hibiki
- Io attends the same school as Hibiki and Daichi
- She’s an honors student and considered a dream girl for many guys since she packs brains and beauty
- Yamato is the 17 year old leader of the JP’s
- He has an arrogant personality and is determined to protect Japan at all costs
- Makoto is the clerk of the JP’s Tokyo branch
- She has a cold personality and is fiercely loyal to the organization
- Otome, a doctor and clerk of the JP’s Osaka branch, is a warm and compassionate
- Keita and second year student in Osaka is a member of the boxing club and has a lone wolf personality
- Hinako, a dancer from Osaka, studied traditional Japanese dance and dances from around the world
- The Anguished One is a mysterious man who seems to show up from time to time and has an idea about where things are going.
- He may show up with questions, other times he cooperates with Hibiki and sometimes he is hostile


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