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A portion of a Joystiq interview with Warren Spector...

J: What does your home gaming setup consist of?

WS: My home gaming setup consists of everything. Well, almost – I realized the other day that I no longer own a PC! I have a Mac desktop and a Mac laptop and an iPad, an iPhone 5, a Kindle Fire. My 360, my PS3 and my Wii are connected to a 65 inch plasma TV and a pretty killer sound system. Oh, yeah, I have a Vita and a 3DS XL that get quite the workout. I have an OnLive box. Need to get a Wii U. If you make games for a living, you pretty much need to own every viable platform.

Full interview here

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10 Jan 2013 18:45

No gaming PC and no Wii U, my platforms of choice at the moment :(
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10 Jan 2013 18:46

He intends to get one though. Sounds like he has a pretty extensive gaming set up. Why Onlive though? Also I wonder if he'll end up getting an Ouya, Steambox, and all those other "consoles" that recently got announced.
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10 Jan 2013 18:46

Is Warren Spector not fully aware of how bad the Wii U version of Epic Mickey 2 turned out to be? I want to know if he's played it himself.
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10 Jan 2013 18:59

jasonmaivia wrote:Is Warren Spector not fully aware of how bad the Wii U version of Epic Mickey 2 turned out to be? I want to know if he's played it himself.

Is it really? Was thinking of picking it up since Best Buy has it for $35..
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 19:16


I can't comment on it entirely since I haven't played it, but it lacks wii remote support for single player.

You're forced to use the game pad for Mickey. If you play two players, the second person uses the remote for Oswald.

That was enough of a deal breaker for me to opt for the Wii version instead.

If I had a move, I probably would've gotten the PS3 version. That features motion AND HD graphics.
User avatar
10 Jan 2013 20:32


The Wii version is THE way to go. It's unfortunate that most popular news sites and magazines won't review it (because it's on the Wii). So many people will go uninformed, but at least we know about it.

Here's Classic Game Room's reviews:

Wii U

User avatar
11 Jan 2013 01:38

and he wonders why the Wii U edition sucked bad.

Listen, Spector I don't care if nintendo asked your team, if you Couldn't sink the time to port it correctly, then don't port it at all.

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