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Mutant Mudds Deluxe - new details

- 20 new "parallel universe" levels
- these take place in an area filled with ghostified versions of old enemies
- locations will also feature new ghost creatures
- enemies can not be shot down with Max's normal water cannon
- pick up the "Ghost Shot", a temporary power-up, to shoot them
- stages are accessible on the hub world through a new door
- new levels will become unlocked as you progres
- considering the inclusion of in-game Miiverse comments


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11 Jan 2013 17:05

Would love to see Miiverse comments pop up where people posted if they died in a similar area to you (just like some Nintendo Land attractions).
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 19:39

MiiVerse integration would be well worth the time and effort.
User avatar
11 Jan 2013 20:27

Yeah, if this is the Deluxe version on the Wii U, I honestly would expect it to have Miiverse integration. I mean, if developers want more "talk" of their games, and "talk" helps sell more games, I can only imagine putting in Miiverse integration would help on that front.

Either way, does or doesn't, I'm getting it.

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