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Brean Capital director of research defends games on Fox News

I've heard a lot of people come to the defense of games, but I think Brean Capital director of research Todd Mitchell does a better job than anyone else. Let's hope Biden got great answers like these from the industry people that met with him!

Check out the video here

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11 Jan 2013 18:48

The does Fox News still exist.... just.... why?
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11 Jan 2013 20:12

Shaanyboi wrote:The does Fox News still exist.... just.... why?

Audience, people don't like being told the news, they like being told opinions about the news that they agree with. Hence why I've stopped watching American news programs, I can get all the information I need from the internet without sifting through the nonsense.
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11 Jan 2013 21:56


The same reason why MSNBC still exists.
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12 Jan 2013 00:33

This is my problem with mocking tht network,there are SOME people on it that aren't jerks. Anyways it's nice to see someone besides a gamer defend games,as these people won't listen if it comes from a source that'd have obvious bias.
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15 Jan 2013 20:23

A round of applauds for these two men.

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