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Ron Gilbert once again shows interest in making a new Monkey Island

I would love to make another Monkey Island, that’s really my dream. I don’t own the rights, Disney does now – so will that ever happen? The odds of me getting the rights to Monkey Island back from Lucas Arts were zero and the odds of me getting the rights back from Disney are .0.0001. They are a little bit better than they were before I don’t know, maybe if I win the lottery… - Ron Gilbert
Check out the full interview here

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11 Jan 2013 20:33

I want Ron Gilbert to make a new Monkey Island game....return the master of the series...and let us see the true sequel (Monkey Island 3)
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11 Jan 2013 22:30

Isn't Curse its 3rd iteration?
User avatar
12 Jan 2013 05:11

This would be awesome.

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