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Anima bringing Gate of Memories to Wii U eShop

Anima did some work on WiiWare, but they're looking to move on to Wii U. Their latest project, Gate of Memories, is slated or PC and Mac release. After that, the title is set to move onto Wii U eShop. Check out some footage of the prototype below.

More footage here (thanks Oscar!)

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User avatar
14 Jan 2013 05:08

This game looks great! I would definitely buy it. :D
No Avatar
14 Jan 2013 05:54

it looks nice especially for an indie/ kickstarter game , and not a shooter always a good thing in my book
User avatar
14 Jan 2013 08:44

Got a little Xenoblade vibe from it.

I'll pass judgement when I see more of this and know what it's all about. Looks aren't everything, kiddos ;) . And/or when I eventually when I play a demo!
User avatar
14 Jan 2013 09:30

Not bad at all.... she looks as if she is running with something stuck up her poopaloop!
User avatar
14 Jan 2013 09:41

Machinim13 wrote:Not bad at all.... she looks as if she is running with something stuck up her poopaloop!

These are the ties I wish we ha a "LIKE" button for comments :)
User avatar
14 Jan 2013 11:42

I hope she doesn't actually run and move like that when the game is final.
User avatar
14 Jan 2013 12:01

Same thing I was about to say. The characters movement and speed seem off, but its a prototype, so eh I'm sure things will be tweaked.
User avatar
14 Jan 2013 12:40


I would expect nothing less from the developer of ANIMA: Ark of Sinners! You already have my money for your new project(no Kickstarter funding, though!)... I was losing hope in seeing your work on WiiU after the critics trashed-talked your previous game, but this is excellent news, now!

As for Ark of Sinners, itself, it is magnificent! Yes, it has some issues and some of them are annoying enough to put you off, at first, but given time, you learn to not even live with them but use them in your advantage, too!

P.S.: I didn't like that you used a so-similar to Ark of Sinners music for this trailer, too, though!
User avatar
14 Jan 2013 14:37


Can you elaborate a little bit on this please?

All I heard about Ark of Sinners is that it's a wannabe Castlevania and that it sort of s*cks. I was first interested in it, but yeah, considering all the negative feedback I was not too sure.

What was so good about Ark of Sinners and what are the weaknesses?
User avatar
14 Jan 2013 17:08

Looks really awesome, but by the time we get it on E shop.....noone will care and we'll be once again playing catch-up :(
User avatar
14 Jan 2013 17:12

This game...has piqued my interest, I'm keeping an eye on this.

It seems like it might either be an open world adventure style game, or an RPG game.
User avatar
14 Jan 2013 19:11

Is this funded already? The Kickstarter, I mean.
User avatar
15 Jan 2013 04:30

The logo iooks like the tabletop RPG Anima. Is it the same property?
User avatar
15 Jan 2013 17:41

Hoepfully we hear more from this game soon.
User avatar
17 Jan 2013 01:15


If this topic doesn't close, I'll post here. Otherwise, in PM.

No time right now, sorry!
User avatar
17 Jan 2013 05:25


ok cool thanks ^^


yes it is the same property, and they also made Ark of Sinners on Wiiware which is also an Anima game.
User avatar
17 Jan 2013 05:38


Apparently there are other ways to fund the game but the KS itself seems to be over.

What worries me though is that it's mentionned that the console release would only exist if they reach 200.000. So maybe they actually already announced it would be on the U and by console release, they mean the other consoles... but yeah, they made it up to 111k this far.

User avatar
17 Jan 2013 14:48

Reminds me of Alfheim portals in Bayonetta. The animations are pretty bad, though.

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