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GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Thanks for the Nintendo Force support!

Just a quick EoD to end the weekend and start off yet another work week. Hope you all had a great, relaxing weekend. Let's hurry up through this week and get to another! See you in a few, short hours.

I can't believe that the first issue of Nintendo Force is already out. It seems like I was just invited to work on the project, but that was back in August! Having Nintendo Power gone is still just as heartbreaking now as it was then, but working on Nintendo Force helped to keep a smile on my face. Hopefully now that the magazine has debuted, you have a smile as well.

There have certainly been ups and downs with issue 1, but by and large, it seems like people are really happy with the content and presentation. You can rest assured that we're going to take all you've said and apply as much as we can to issue 2. We want to continue to evolve Nintendo Force into the best Nintendo-related magazine it can be!

Again, we know you guys and gals aren't too happy with the print price. We feel exactly the same way. I promise that we're looking into all sorts of options to make price a lot more tolerable. There have been some great suggestions from you guys, which we're currently weighing the pros and cons of.

As far as changes to the magazine itself, we'll see what happens! More exclusive features, more content and just more Nintendo goodness! We have to start somewhere, but I'd say our crew put together a pretty great start. Couldn't have asked for a more talented crew to get roped into. I know we'll all work harder than ever before to make issue 2 the next step for Nintendo Force!

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14 Jan 2013 05:42

I'm holding off on my purchase in hopes that maybe the first issue would be included in the subscription once it's available as a gift for waiting. *cough*MaybethiscouldbesomethingyoucouldbringupRMC?*cough*

Man, gotta do something about that cough...

Anywho, I'll definitely grab one for myself if that doesn't happen.
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14 Jan 2013 06:01

I loved this issue, by and large. As an avid reader of Nintendo Power the past few years, it lived up to the spirit. I especially appreciated some of the finer details, such as the opening few pages, the Mii's scattered about, the very classic Mario comic, the Star Power section (though Birdo was certainly a unique choice for issue #1) and the download review section. I had a total nostalgia attack over these. And the fan projects at the end of the mag was a very nice touch.

As for RMC, great review on Fluidity, I found it very informative!

Keep up the great work, Nintendo Force team!
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14 Jan 2013 07:05

RMC Why don't you see if Nintendo would allow you to sell copies or subscriptions on the eShop? Remember when they hinted at print material (especially strategy guides) being readable via the gamepad? I know most people are looking for print options and I am too, but figured having this on your actual target consumers system right on the eShop could boost sales and maybe make it cheaper. It probably would cut into profits, but I'm sure Nintendo could work out some sort of deal hopefully.
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14 Jan 2013 07:59

@Dmolisher I like this idea a lot. And you might have more pull on the staff than anybody else.

I will try and support the cause one way or another soon. Waiting on a possible salary change at work, which will probably dictate whether or not I get the print or digital version.

But keep up the good work, it was a great idea in order to fill the void of Nintendo Power.
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14 Jan 2013 08:41

anyway for us to contribute to the magazine (content wise)?
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14 Jan 2013 08:45

picked up the digital version as getting a print copy shipped to me in shanghai is a bit unrealistic. that said, it's great. worth the price of admission and I will definitely be picking up the next issue.
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14 Jan 2013 09:52

I actually supported the 1st edition both in Print and Digital this round, but not sure if I can continue to support both versions for the cost. I'm hoping this can be quicly resolved. I am one of those folks that really loves a physical copy in my hands.
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14 Jan 2013 12:31

I bought the first issue, but I suspect like a lot of people, I did so with very little expectation of ever buying another issue. The mag is great and I think everyone with the dough should try and buy the first issue as a demonstration of broad support for the idea and execution, but I'm not optimistic that a realistic, sustainable business model exists for what you guys want to do, short of a big financial investment on the part of somebody.
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14 Jan 2013 12:53

i also really hope the print copy continues as i vastly prefer it to a digital copy.
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14 Jan 2013 12:59

Some ideas:

1. The first issue has a small blurb for a demo of a Megaman fan game, perhaps in issue #2 you guys could do one for the Metroid II fan-remake demo? It needs more exposure.

2. Since this is the second issue, maybe there could be an article about each team member's favorite video game sequel?
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14 Jan 2013 13:17

I am a bit confused. So there is no subscription model, you can only buy it as a single magazine?
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14 Jan 2013 13:20

I bought issue #1 and can't wait for the print issue to hit my mailbox.

As for pricing...... I'm a retro gamer that has supported the homebrew game market for decades. I've purchased many, many game carts for the Atari 2600, Intellivision, and Colecovision (plus other systems & computers) that cost substantially more than the $60 price tag for a 360, PS3, or Wii U game. I know that these homebrewers spend many, many months programming a game, then building the boards, finding used cartridges to put the boards into, designing and printing up manuals and boxes.... a LOT of work with no financial backing.

And I don't think Nintendo Force is any different. Yes, the initial price of NF #1 high compared to other print magazines and many cannot spare the dollars to purchase it. But like a homebrew game, there is no huge conglomerate with a multitude of stockholders behind Nintendo Force to keep its pricing low. Instead, NF is comprised of a group of people who are fans of Nintendo gaming and want to show their appreciation and devotion to the platform by releasing a work that all can be proud of.

I'm positive that the entire staff of NF is looking at ways to get the magazine into as many hands as possible at as low a price as possible. And I'm positive they will find one.

In the meantime, I want to congratulate RMC and the entire NF staff for the work they have done and I look forward to many, many years of reading Nintendo Force magazine.
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14 Jan 2013 14:43

While I like the idea of NF. I can not and won't be buying any more Nintendo related magazines. So I hope NF does great other wise. What I do want to see GN do tho is to show images of the preview for the next issue to come like Nintendo Power did. Also keep being creative with the covers and please don't put so many renewal ads on select pages like NP did either.
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14 Jan 2013 15:32

opps wrong article lol. i'll be buying my issues for sure.
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14 Jan 2013 16:21

I haven't gotten it yet because I'm broke until February however I do intend on getting it.
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14 Jan 2013 18:24

I'm super excited to read it...but I'm not willing to hit that price. Maybe in the future.
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14 Jan 2013 19:02

Soooo...........I'm assuming most people haven't gotten their physical copy, whose price they may be complaining about, yet they're still complaining.

Wherch is perry dum.


A gift for waiting?
That's not what companies mean when they "sweeten the deal" for later buyers. They are trying to persuade they people who haven't given them money to do so with a better deal. There's no intention to reward non-customers.

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