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EoD - amiibo regret

EoD - New staffers!

GN Podcast #498

Parents Play: DKC

GN Podcast 500 ideas

EoD - After Wii U...

Random Time! - Will Ferrell gives a nod to Mega Man

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14 Jan 2013 15:01

Not that I care, but surprised you didn't post a warning for language, since you usually do.

That said, good. Only a few seconds and not really a thing, but good.
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14 Jan 2013 17:25

Funny, but I only watched it because it autostarted in my iPad....
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14 Jan 2013 18:52

The rating limit here on GoNintendo is killing me today.

Why do we get so few? How about a few more for active and/or long time members?

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