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Renegade Kid's 3DS FPS - a few more details

We know next to nothing about Renegade Kid's upcoming 3DS FPS title for the eShop. The announcement came straight from Nintendo Force, but since that reveal, we have a couple more tidbits. The game is going to have a single-player focus and will also support the Circle Pad Pro. We'll be hearing more about this game come PAX this March! Thanks to VGAMER for the heads up.


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User avatar
14 Jan 2013 15:18

Let it be Dementium Trilogy. Featuring updated versions of Dementium 1 & 2 to be 3D and support CPP.

I'd be on board. Then whine that I don't have a CPP and that it's too expensive.
User avatar
14 Jan 2013 16:23

Day 1. I would love an atmospheric FPS for 3DS. Eshop release and circle pad pro make it a must have for me.
User avatar
14 Jan 2013 16:50

aaaaaand now I'll need a CPP XD
No Avatar
14 Jan 2013 17:39

I would love to see Dementium 1 updated a bit(Save issues,ammo).
User avatar
15 Jan 2013 05:36

I hope they use the gyro aiming.
User avatar
15 Jan 2013 17:10

I'm ready for more dementium.

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