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Nintendo Heats Things Up with a Fire Emblem Awakening Nintendo 3DS Bundle

When Fire Emblem Awakening launches on Feb. 4, it will arrive with a special version of the Nintendo 3DS hardware. The beautiful blue system is emblazoned with stylish Fire Emblem artwork, has the game pre-installed on the hardware and comes packaged with a 4GB SD memory card. It will be available at a suggested retail price of $199.99, a great value for fans of the series.

Fire Emblem Awakening is the first entry in the fantasy turn-based strategy series on Nintendo 3DS. It tells the story of Lord Chrom and his growing army of companions as they band together to save the world from a rising evil. Fire Emblem Awakening features a gorgeous art style and voice acting, plus an epic storyline with a massive lineup of memorable characters with unique personalities. As with past entries in the series, every decision the player makes is vital, as characters lost in battle are gone forever. A demo of Fire Emblem Awakening will be available in the Nintendo eShop on Jan. 17.

Starting on launch day, additional maps will be available to purchase and download. The first downloadable map will be free for a limited time and will be followed by additional maps on a weekly basis. Players with a copy of Fire Emblem Awakening and a broadband Internet connection will be able to access the downloadable content through the in-game world map.

For more information about Fire Emblem Awakening, visit http://fireemblem.nintendo.com.

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8 total comments (View all)
User avatar
14 Jan 2013 15:44

nice already have a 3ds. will preorder Fire Emblem Awakening this week. grabbing the demo as well.
User avatar
14 Jan 2013 15:48

No eShop card like Japan had. :(

I'm leaning towards no on this, unless I find someone I can sell my old 3DS to who isn't named "GameStop".
User avatar
14 Jan 2013 15:58

Tendonin wrote:No eShop card like Japan had. :(

I'm leaning towards no on this, unless I find someone I can sell my old 3DS to who isn't named "GameStop".

You know Gamestop is not the lowest around.

Right now you can trade in a 3DS for $70 and XL for $130 due to the double hardware deal.

Best Buy offers you a maximum $44.50 for a 3DS in good condition (which is hard to get) and like $20 for fair condition.

Try Craigslist for a better deal.
User avatar
14 Jan 2013 17:21

God I want this, I doubt I'll be able to get it though.
User avatar
14 Jan 2013 18:19

Not a huge fan of the design, but it looks great on the color.

Sadly digital copy means automatically no-buy.
User avatar
14 Jan 2013 18:33

Is this the newer blue color?
User avatar
14 Jan 2013 19:57

WesFX wrote:Is this the newer blue color?

Cobalt Blue, yes.
User avatar
15 Jan 2013 22:51

I like how the reflection of the 3DS is incorrect. Were these guys in a rush to produce the image or something?

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