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Injustice: Gods Among Us comic writer details the process

A portion of an IGN interview with writer writer Tom Taylor...

IGN Comics: Fighting games aren’t typically known for their narratives. What are the challenges in providing a back story for a game like this?

Tom Taylor: You’re right, fighting games aren’t typically known for their narratives they’re more known for sudden, irreparable, spine-removals. However I’m happy to report that in between all the brutal punches, kicks, whips, knives, claws, arrows, blood, people being pounded through buildings, batarangs to the face, and super-powered uppercuts that can launch a person into orbit, the writers have written an incredible story.

To tell you the truth, when the script arrived, I rolled my eyes, gritted my teeth and prepared to read through what I assumed would be a standard script to a fighting game; some ham-fisted dialogue, followed by some flaky reason to want to take out the opponents ribs one at a time.

And then I started reading it… and I read the entire thing in one sitting… and then I grinned. This really is the most ambitious script I’ve ever seen from a fighting game, and the NetherRealm guys have pulled it off. So, the challenge is not ‘how do I make this interesting?’ but how do I complement what these guys have done? How do I too find that perfect balance between emotional, epic storytelling and sudden, irreparable spine removal?

Check out more art and the full interview here

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15 Jan 2013 02:51

I totally welcome a fighting game having decent narrative. Unfortunately, I don't have hope that a DC fighting game will be good BUT the Mortal Kombat crew is handling it.... :D
User avatar
15 Jan 2013 03:01

Is the story going to be presented similarly to Mortal Kombat for PS3/360/Vita?

if so, that makes me even more intrigued in this game. . .When I played a 1 hour trial on PS3, that's what I was most impressed with.

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