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Is the Wii Virtual Console service coming to an end in Japan? The official Nintendo page that usually showcases Wii VC info has just up and disappeared. Looks like we could be seeing the end of VC content for the Wii in Japan. Maybe the move to Wii U is closer than we think?


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15 Jan 2013 06:33

Oh no, this is hyperbole I feel. All thats happened is they got rid of the old Coming Soon Schedule they've had since 06. This happened a couple weeks ago.

You can still access Virtual Console games and lists and everything. I imagine if anything on Wii VC ever gets scheduled again it'd show up here

http://search1.nintendo.co.jp/search/so ... iew_order=

NCL did some reorganizing with the way 3DS eshop games coming soon are displayed awhile ago too so that it would show up on those search pages. I think its just they wanted everything to be in-line with the way they display their full digital schedules now.

Please don't blow this out of proportion people, maybe Japan wont see another Wii VC update but they didnt up and get rid of everything related to it.
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15 Jan 2013 11:48

King of Fighters '99 is coming to the Wii VC? Awesome.
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15 Jan 2013 12:17

I still saw the VC Pages as well rmc. Unless our cookies have not been deleted and everything removed from the the history and all on your internet then don't blow this out of proportion just yet.
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15 Jan 2013 13:05

Yeah, the Wii Virtual Console pages are still viewable by me too. Guess Nintendo just didn't want to advertise it as much now the Wii U is out.
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15 Jan 2013 14:28

The lack of promotion for the Virtual Console is rather depressing though.

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