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15 Jan 2013 15:46

Looks like a cool game for Disney fans.
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15 Jan 2013 15:48

They just got it....
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15 Jan 2013 16:00

The characters look like Fisher Price designed them. Also the idea behind the game is run around in a huge open world and do whatever. That sounds boring and lacks direction. How can a game with so many iconic characters and worlds look so bland?
User avatar
15 Jan 2013 16:20

Ralph! Wreck-It Ralph!

The game looks, eh, not that interesting to me, though I love Disney (and especially Pixar).
No Avatar
15 Jan 2013 16:25

Looks like a cool concept for a game...to bad it will cost over $100 to play the game to it's fullest (buying all the figurines).
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15 Jan 2013 16:27

I need to see gameplay...
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15 Jan 2013 17:15

The Trailer and info digests contradict each other [since IPs can only play in their own worlds, rendering this kinda a moot 'crossover' of sorts]?

Should've said 'Play in their own worlds only'.
No Avatar
15 Jan 2013 18:49

it could be a big game for nintendo and it would be interesting if it didn't cost that much . Well at least physical dlc unlock key gives you something , it still is a very bad deal imo .... but well if it worked with skylanders . And here i was hoping that rfid nfc could reduce piracy and give nice real physical bonus preorders. Like nintendo did giving free zelda characters with one of the zelda ds game .... what a fool

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